Falkland Islands and Brexit

Media sources

Falkland Islands Brexit plea to MPs – don’t weaken us with your Brexit dithering
Falklands’ fisheries essential for Vigo’s economy and fleet
Brexit could sink the Falklands
We don’t just need a good Brexit deal for Britain. We need one for the Falkland Islands too.
Turtles, whales and birds under threat as UK overseas territories face loss of conservation money after Brexit
Brexit puts penguins in peril
How Brexit threatens Falklands’ economy — and Spanish fishermen
Falklands fishing firms fear Brexit’s impact on trade
Falklands Islands issue no deal Brexit warning – ‘Significantly adverse impact’
‘We’re hoping against hope’: Falklands’ fishing boom threatened by no-deal Brexit
One Million Penguins on Falkland Islands Under Threat Because of Brexit
Falkland Islands Government sounds alarm on leaving single market
Why we must protect the Falkland Islands over Brexit
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