Falkland Islands


The Falkland Islands boast a wealth of flora and fauna, which enrich our ecological diversity.

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90% of the UK's biodiversity is found in the UK's Overseas Territories

The Falkland Islands are one of the great havens for the world’s seabirds, including over one million breeding Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins. We are also home to over 70% of the global population of black-browed albatrosses and are an important resting and breeding ground for some of the planet’s rarest cetaceans, including Sei whales.

The impact of a no deal or bad deal Brexit on our environment

We have received €0.6m from Biodiversity Ecosystems Services in Territories of European Overseas (BEST) funding for our NGOs to support important environmental research. Other non-governmental organisations, such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds also receive BEST funding for research carried out in the Falkland Islands.

As a result of Brexit, we will no longer be able to access BEST funding and while there is a vocal commitment from the UK Government to provide funding for future environmental research, there are genuine concerns that any new funding mechanisms may not have the same long-term security as BEST and may have different eligibility criteria.

We are yet to see any firm proposals from the UK on a replacement for BEST.

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