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Our economy and employment sector is heavily reliant on meat and fish exports to the EU27.

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Our economy is heavily reliant on meat and fish exports to the EU27

  • On average agriculture and fishing are responsible for 43% of our GDP
  • 15% of our workforce is directly employed in either fishing or agriculture
  • 10-30% of revenue from wider business is derived from supplying goods and services to the fishing and agriculture industries
  • The fishing industry responsible for 1/3 of government revenue and 2/3 of corporation tax receipts

The impact of a no deal or bad deal Brexit on our economy

If the UK were to leave the EU without any free trade agreement or deal and meat and fishery exports were subject to tariffs and quotas there would be a significant impact on the wider economy and jobs would be lost. There would also be an impact on government finances with an annual loss of revenue of up to 16%, damaging the Government’s ability to deliver essential public services and to invest in critical infrastructure. This would prohibit our future growth and prosperity as a self-sufficient Island nation.

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